About Us

Hello There!

Before we talk about the Gym and what we offer I thought first you might want to know who you are dealing with here at Hallidays Point Health and Fitness. My name is Mick and Along with my Wife Harmony we moved to Hallidays Point in May 2006. We instantly fell in love with the town and have been lucky to bring up our 2 happy kids Lily and Ace here. 10 years ago we decided to set up our own personal training and group fitness business we called Hallidays Point Health and Fitness. We have grown through word of mouth (thanks to our lovely happy clients) and at times depending on the facilities available we have offered Learn to swim as well as Aqua fitness classes. At the start of 2013 we moved our business to the more central location of Tallwoods Village. We continue to grow our fitness classes and now offer golf specific training as well.

It is this Golf Specific Program called Body For Golf that I have recently promoted around Australia.

Jayne Black our Lead Trainer has been in and around the area for more than 20 years. Passionate about Fitness with a Holistic approach to health Jayne is leading the team and our clients to fantastic results.

Jess Curtain is our newest member to the team and adds her enthusiam for fitness and a big welcoming smile to just a few more reasons you get to class.

Leanne Armour like Jayne has been in the industry longer than they want to mention and is our super sub for sessions with her trademark Leannoramma class

Over the years we have introduced various other trainers and classes to our gym and timetable. We have brought in Dance, Swimming lessons and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. We are always on the lookout for things that our wonderful little town might enjoy (and things I dont want to drive into Taree and Forster for)

Our dream has always been to be a place that services the Health and Fitness needs of our town all under the 1 roof.

We are connecting with allied health professionals in the area like physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to bring those skills and services to Hallidays Point. If you have an inquiry about any of this information pleas give us a call at 6559 3284


Thanks for your interest in us, as we look forward to helping you.