Get Fit For The Firies Fundraiser

If you are a Hallidays Point Woman looking for another reason to feel fitter for summer than this is it.

Getting Back in Shape with 2 Body toning workouts done each week for 4 weeks. All done with a small group of local ladies right here in our fully equipped training Rooms at Tallwoods (Fee $100)

Giving Back To The Firies. We will be donating the $100 Class Fee Directly to the RFS here at Hallidays Point

Starting Monday 4th of November 

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We've been Helping our clients from in and around Hallidays Point Achieve their Health and Fitness Goals for over 10 years

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You are here because you are looking for something, some help, some motivation, some accountability. We have the tools to support you reaching your goals and it all starts with you entering your details here. I will then call you to discuss our program and you can decide if you are a good fit.

Resistance Training

Whether its for gaining strength, building a better body shape or just because you know how important it is, Our Classes get the right muscles moving in the right way.

Effective Cardio

We use High Intensity interval training that offers health benefits like fat burning and improvements in insulin sensitivity and aerobic performance that you simply cannot get from regular aerobic workouts

Variable Programming

Each of your sessions over a 4 month cycle will challenge you in different ways. Never get bored, Never plateau.

Ladies only Classes

We have 12 small group classes throughout the week just for women. We limit the number in each class to 12 so you always get the support from your trainer.

60 years +

We have classes designed specifically for women 60 yrs and beyond. Keeping fit and strong with the right type of weight bearing exercises has never been more important.

Mens Only Classes

We have mens only classes to fire up the muscles and burn off the belly. Get back into the best shape you've been in for years with our combination of resistance, cardio and boxing.

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